April 30, 2011

I Have A Case of the Yellows

dress- Express (approx 3 years ago)
heels- Ralph Lauren
jewelry- gifted (mood ring was thrifted)

Last night I went to a fundraiser for Heritage Ranch and this... is what I wore. Cocktail party with food (that I didn't eat), drinks (that I didn't drink), and a sweet jazz band (that I loved)! PLUS I was less than 6 feet from the legit auctioneer as he was spitting crazily working the crowd. It has always been a secret dream of mine to go to auctioneer school. And no, I'm not kidding. Can you talk that fast?

Let me tell you about my day today...
Remember that episode of Full House when DJ stayed up all night studying for the SATs and then woke up late and forgot everything and her #4 pencil? Imagine that situation, only a little bit milder. I had to drive to the ghe.t.to. and take two of my teaching certification tests. At 7am. Where I knew no one. And cell phones weren't allowed, even off. And I felt like poo (yes, poo). And there was no soap in the bathroom. And I was stuck in the same classroom for 5.5 hours. And the test website said that a calculator was not permitted in my 2nd test, but it was. So I had to do the middle school math stuff calculator-less. And two of my former teachers were in my 2nd test (awk). But this is real life, people!

Evaluation of the tests: I'm glad I learned so much from watching Gilmore Girls because that got me through at least half of the test. That, and seeing Little Women over a dozen times!

I tried to make a gif with these last pictures, but I got frustrated and cranky because I couldn't get it to work! Imagine your scroll button is a flipbook.


PS: How do you feel about the larger pictures?

PPS: This is one of those I'm-keeping-this-until-I'm-pregnant dresses. So... a very long time.

April 28, 2011


tee- Target
cargoes- PacSun
flats- Antonio Melani via Dillards
scarf- rescued from a trash bag in my Mom's closet

Some days you just want to wear all neutrals and be comfortable. Today was that day for me.

Oh, you know, just cuttin' a rug in the driveway.


PS: Did anyone notice how extremely light my hair is? Sun, I thank you.

April 24, 2011

Easter Change-Up

Happy Easter, peeps! Peeps... HAHA I'm so punny. This is what I wore to church this morning. I didn't go out and buy a new Easter dress, because I have enough dresses to choose from that definitely fit the category!

dress- Ahab Bowen in Dallas, TX
belt- Limited Too circa 4th grade (it's purple and glittery, don't deny that you had one too)
sandals- BCBG

After church I changed for our family festivities that included a massive lunch, an Easter egg hunt, and me sneaking Oreo fudge cremes. We had a turduckhen for lunch. For you non-southerners, that's a hen stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey. I stuck to the regular ole baked turkey... call me bland.

jumper- thrifted, taken down about 6 sizes
belt- Gap, old old old
sandals- Nine West via DSW

If you're one of those people that has had a difficult day and are looking for something to cheer you up, behold, my outtake of the day.


PS: Happy birthday, Mom!!!

April 23, 2011


blouse- NY & Company
shorts- Banana Republic Safari via Goodwill
belt- Trash & Treasure sale
sandals- Nine West

Monty Python and the Holy Grail is on. Bye.


April 20, 2011

Rainbows & Chevrons

I have absolutely nothing to say about this outfit. Except that the last time I wore it a girl tried to sneak a picture of me in the hallway outside of class so I said, "Would you like me to smile for your picture?" I need to work on my social skills.

dress- vintage, maybe Time Warp?
belt- F21, old
sandals- Gianni Bini via Dillards

Oh, the trials of blogging... It is SO difficult to figure out what to do with my hands.


Ties Squared

Comments from my students on this outfit:
"Are you a butler?"
"Is that a bow tie?" (That one's a winner)
"Can I get a martini?" (Okay, that one was a classmate.)

oxford- Gap
skirt- thrifted, hemmed from a super awkward gross length
bow tie- thrifted
pumps- Liz Claiborne
belt- from a F21 dress

Remember my friend DJ from this post and this post? Well, I hate to disappoint you, but he's back again. I know, I know, you really just wanted to see more pictures of me, but alas, here he is. The first thing I said to him the day I took these wasn't "Hello" or "Yo, Howard, wudup?", but "You know I'm taking pictures of you, right?"  He's pretty much asking for it wearing a, wait for it, THRIFTED skinny tie, skinny Levi's chinos, a wrinkled oxford, and black hi-tops. I mean, come on!

When all he would do is stand there (see 1st photo) and I complained and told him to dance around a little like I do, that didn't go over so well. Instead, he did what his bff-the-model does... pretended to throw stuff. Good, right? In fact, I liked that idea so much that I decided to try it out too!

My new trademark pose, obviously.


April 18, 2011

Getting to Know You


 Why, yes, I have posted pictures in these pants before! And yes, I still love them despite their man-repeller qualities. Baggy, high-waisted, diaper-esque. In fact, when my dad saw what I was wearing he said 2 things: "You look... comfortable." (Thanks, I am.) and "Yeah, those pants look like those pants kids wear..." (Thanks, sure, whatever, man-who-hasn't-bought-new-jeans-in-20-years).

I tweeted Elaine about these pants saying that she, along with everyone else in the world, needs a pair of these pants. She thinks so too.

tee- Gap
pants- mommy made them... what can your mom do? (last seen here)
Anywho, because I have had a recent influx of new followers, I have been wanting to do a Q&A about me, life, why I blog, whatever. So, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me @ thinktwicestyle@gmail.com, leave a comment, or tweet me!

On another note, Justine of Just Better Together gave me a Blogger Award the other day! It's one of those things you get tagged in and stuff! So... here are my 7 random facts!

1. I could eat green beans, asparagus, or broccoli every day.
2. I am obsessed with baseball. Seriously though, I get chills when I hear a ball hit a bat. It's bad, dude.
3. Depending on the day of the week, my favorite song might be "Beautiful Somehow" by Joy Williams, "Inna-Godda-Da-Vida" by Iron Butterfly, or "Meaning" by Gavin DeGraw.
4. I was not allowed to cut my hair until my 12th birthday. I sat on it on a daily basis and the screws in school desks were my worst enemy.
5. I sing. All the time. I'll sing anything. Songs, grocery lists, textbooks, doesn't matter.
6. I know every single word to "Disco Inferno", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Ice, Ice, Baby", and many other songs you probably wouldn't expect me to know. Plus "Gaston" from Beauty and the Beast.
7. My dream job is a concoction of: TV travel show host (read: Samantha Brown), talk show host (read: Kelly Ripa), vintage shop owner, recording artist, teacher, stylist, random fact extraordinaire, etc.

Honorable Mention:
-I am fluent in Gilmore.
-"Angry Sarah" speaks Spanish.
-"Feisty Sarah" speaks Yiddish.
-I will argue that the Monkees are better than the Beatles until the day I die.

Now for the tagging!
Sarah from And She Loved
Linley from Dwelling & Telling
Elaine from Clothed Much
Ramsey from Love, Ramsey
Rachael from Ordinarily Urbane

If you're tagged...

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April 17, 2011

Bows, Bows, Bows

Remember in this post when I talked about my skirt being the bottom to a suit? Well, this is the top!

top- Goodwill (bottoms seen here)
jeans- Levi's
pumps- Liz Claiborne

I don't know what is up with the Blogger uploader these days! The pictures always come out grainy and distorted. I don't want to resort to a flickr or photobucket but I may have to... yuck. The quality is so bad that you can't even see the detail on my jacket top! But just for a quick description, 2 large bows in the front with splits at the top and bottom. It's a beaute, I assure you! The cashier at Whole Foods told me so :)


April 12, 2011

Scandalous Ankles

Today I am participating in EBEW's maxi skirt/dress challenge! Okay, so I didn't wear this today. I wore it Sunday. But I knew I wouldn't have a photog today so I did some planning in advance.

dress- TJ Maxx
heels- Bandolino via TJ Maxx
belt- vintage

Maxi Skirt/Dress </P>
<P>Everybody, Everywear
I love maxis. They're so 70s and we all know that I'm just a hippie at heart! I found this dress at TJ Maxx last week when I stopped by on the way home from school on a whim. It was WAY long in the dressing room, but that left me room to wear heels with it, so I snagged it for less than $25! As soon as I got back home I slipped it on and came up with about 5 different ways I wanted to wear it so you know it was a smart purchase! Plus, the color makes me look tan.
The benefits of maxi skirts are endless! Let me list the ones I have come up with:
1. Not exactly seasonal, with the exception of August in south Louisiana
2: They look good on everyone
3. Victorian women could wear them and not be scandalous by showing their ankles
4. They give the illusion of length
5. You don't have to shave your legs
If you have any more, leave them in the comments, because we all need more excuses to wear maxis!

April 9, 2011


May I have your attention puh-leez?

Ahem, ahem, ahem.

May I have your attention puh-leez?
(said in my most official teacher voice)

I have been featured as Modest Fashion pick from this post a couple of days ago. Head on over to Victoria's blog to see the post here and here!


PS: You should know that my blog isn't intentionally about "being modest" because, well, modesty is relative. Some people, even close friends that I have grown up with, may not see my attire as generally modest because I wear tank tops, shorts, and I am perfectly fine showing my knees in skirts and wearing skinny jeans. However, I do pride myself in keeping myself covered (according to me, mind you). So if someone wants to use me as a model of modesty, I'm ALL for it!

April 8, 2011


Block week teaching is officially OVER!!! I'm freeeeee! Well, almost free. Want to hear a funny thing that happened today? We were playing "Who is the real author?" to keep the kids busy during our little party and after a few plays, one kid stood up and said, "Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?" My teaching partners and I were thinking it the whole game, but for a FOURTH GRADER to know that... he was already my favorite, but he is miles above the other kids now just for that!

Breakdown: (outfit last seen here)
blouse- Stein Mart
skirt- thrifted
belt- Gap
heels- Bandolino via TJ Maxx

So I've worn this outfit before. But only for pictures. For a project. For my neice. That doesn't count, right? Right.


April 7, 2011

Mini, Midi, Maxi

Hi. Do you remember me? It has been so long since my last post and I just want to make sure. I miss blogging every day, or at least every other day! However, some days I wear a basic teacher outfit that consists of khakis and a cute tee. I know, you're so disappointed... but elementary and middle school are gross!

Anywho, I scored this skirt yesterday at Goodwill! After class I had some time and had a thrifty itch and wound up getting this skirt and a khaki skirt too! I'll be honest, I didn't try it on until I got home and I didn't wash it. Whatever. I have been seeing so many people in mid-calf length skirts and have been dying to try it out. I was scared, though, because I'm petite, but the length of this skirt hit me just right! Ahhh, sweetness.

blouse- Target
skirt- Goodwill
belt- thrifted
flats- Antonio Melani (Dillard's)
jewelry- thrifted

I would like to thank the mysterious dude that interrupted my photo sesh today by driving between the camera and me. And for looking at me like a goon. Just from his walk I can tell that he plays/has played baseball. I can just tell. I suspect 2nd base.

And then I did ballet.

This chair was at Goodwill yesterday too. It would look so perfect in my apartment! Not that we have a place for it...


April 4, 2011


dress- Dillards? Stage? I really don't remember
heels (that you can't even see): Naturalizer

Do any of you have that one dress that you absolutely love that you somehow just let sit in your closet? This is that dress for me. I LOVE this dress! However, it confuses me. I don't usually do big prints like this. I do melt for a good racerback, though. And a good cowl neck. And a loose fit that lets me eat whatever I want.

Reasons why I love this dress:
1. The teal color makes me look tan when I'm pasty and even more tan when I'm tan.
2. Racerback necklines make my shoulder muscles look good. (You know it's true)
3. Cowl necks look good on anyone
4. Like I said, it's an eatin' dress.

The below picture is the result of me scratching my knees. I don't even know what the camera did to my face.