March 2, 2011

Today's post will be very short. I have a date with my dvr and have approximately 3 more shows to watch before I can watch regular tv.

I really really wanted to wear a skirt today since I shaved my legs and all. Plus it was GORGEOUS outside and my knees wanted to be shown! However, Wednesdays are my ONLY days of school that I can wear jeans. Mondays are tutoring days and Tuesdays and Thursdays are teaching days. So no jeans :( Heidi and I went to lunch today and took pictures at the Pi house when I dropped her off! Thanks Heidi! Oh and how attractive is that cone in the background?

vest- Levi's
blouse- Lucky Brand
jeans- TJ Maxx
flats- J. Simps

I present to you, the outtake of the day. Maybe year. Maybe life.



  1. What in the world were you doing?!???!

  2. very pretty!
    I love the outfit so cute, chic and comfy looking! :)

    your hair is really pretty too!
    I wish I were blond :)