March 13, 2011


This will be short today. 1) I am hungry. 2) I need to print a gazillion things. 3) Homework. 4) I am hungry. 5) I have to go back to school. 6) I am hungry.

blouse- Gap via thrift
denim jacket- Abercrombie Kids circa 7th grade (like 2002... IT FINALLY FITS!)
shorts- Gap (I cuffed them once and pinned them to stay. Can you say ghetto rigged?)
loafers- thrifted
rings and bracelets- thrifted or vintage

The below picture is the result of me having the late, great, MJ's "P.Y.T" stuck in my head. Go listen to it, see if it gets stuck in yours.


PS: These pictures verified that I need to lower my squat weights. Also, I need a tan. Also also, my calves are hizott.


  1. This is so adorable! I might have to shamelessly do an outfit like this shortly.. good luck with all you have to do!!

  2. Love this outfit, the cuffed shorts are great with the loafers. And dang momma check out those legs!

  3. Don't lower your squat count, come play roller derby! It's worth it for the tights options alone.

  4. woohoo - love that i'm not the only one in shorts as of lately! and i love your thrifted loafers. and speaking of thrifted... LOVE this maxi skirt below this post! that is amazing. makes me want to head to the thrift store now!