March 16, 2011

My Name is Plum Juicy

dress- Posh in Baton Rouge, the label fell off long ago
tights- Urban Outiftters
boots- I walked the label off
belt- thrifted
rings- gifted and thrifted
nail polish- Sally Hansen's Kook-A-Mango

Scroll up and say my title again... like really ghetto. Now imagine me saying it to myself in the mirror when I got dressed. You just witnessed my Wednesday morning. And about half of my class showed up in a shade of purple!

I taught math today and it went pretty well! I went over my time limit, but it was no serious biggie. This outfit is a result of me needing to cover my legs but not wanting to wear pants. So tights it was! Yesterday, I have to admit, I wore a pair of Anthropologie lounge pants to teach in. Basically, I wore my pajamas... cool.

Also, my hair has done this really weird huge wringlet curl right by my face for the last 3 days. Whatev, the fro has taken over. On that note, I remember reading an interview with Kate Hudson in my March issue (I think it was March) of InStyle. Have I ever confessed my obsession with her? She is Goldie's daughter, she's a straight up disco hippie, and we have the same hair philosophy. A little friz makes our hair look better. I know, call me crazy, but my hair looks and feels so much better when it is humid outside! I guess it's a good thing I live in a state where humidity is most peoples' worst enemy!

Dumpster shot :)


PS: Thanks, Roomdog for being my photog!

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