March 11, 2011

Made-Up Words & Ungaro

I would like to thank the idiot who threw this skirt out and gave it to Goodwill. So, idiot, thank you! Because of you, I have this incredibly slfjsalkfdj AWESOME Emanuel Ungaro, I repeat EMANUEL UNGARO (!!!) maxi skirt! Actually, this dress is in my Etsy store (BUY IT). I just borrowed it for the day because I have been dying, dying, I tell you, to wear it! The print is fantasmastic!

tee- TJ Maxx
skirt- thrifted Emanuel Ungaro (!!!) in the shop
purse- thrifted
turban headwrap- Babooshka Boutique

I had a short to-do list for today but wound up watching a House marathon and laying by the pool. This morning we had a fire in the fireplace, this afternoon I was poolside in my bikini. It makes me wonder what is in store for me tonight? Maybe an Etsy uploading rampage?


PS: This is my favorite look from the Emanuel Ungaro Fall 2011 show this week. Velvet, high waisted, big lapels, and orange nails? Swoon.

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  1. So cool to find another Baton Rouge, student, vintage/fashion lovin', etsy store ownin' blogger on the web!!! Thanks for the thrift store suggestions. I feel like now that we're chatting online, we're gong to run into each other (like soon) in person and freak out. That would be awesome!!