March 6, 2011

I'm Repetitive, and Redundant

I have no idea what this outfit is about today, but I like it. I feel like it's completely not the normal version of "Sarah-ness". Although, that would mean that I had a normal state of "Sarah" and that is simply not true. The boyfriend jeans, the square scarf, mixed with the blazer... I don't even know. Maybe I was channeling Jentine from this post? Unfortunately, my red cords are at my apt 30 miles away. Story of my life. Whatev, because I really really like this outfit. Do you think I've said that enough in this post?

Yesterday I was thinking about how much more adventurous I have become in my outfits since I began this blog less than a year ago. Posting my outfits has also made me hyper-aware of wearing things exactly the same. Now I try to wear at least 1 thing differently, even if I just change my belt, necklace, cardigan, whatever. It can completely change the entire outfit! And oh my goodness... a year ago I would not have worn half of the things I've worn. So thank you, Blogarino, Blogalicious, Bloggalava, for making me be more creative with my clothes, not to mention looking even more like a weirdo!

blazer- thrifted, Christian Dior (last seen here)
blouse- NY & Company (last seen here)
jeans- Lucky (last seen here)
heels- Bandolino via TJ Maxx
scarf- Mawmaw'd
rings and bracelets- thrifted


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  1. i like this outfit too! i like the color palette and how you wore the scarf. you look beautiful in the headshots!