March 25, 2011

Dots & Poofs

This post is going to be photo-heavy, just warning you!

Last night I went to the Blogger Panel for NOLA Fashion Week! As we were driving around looking for a parking space, I saw KeikoLynn, MyStylePill, ThisFellow, and SaucyGlossie on the street and I freaked out. I am such a nerd! Am I ashamed? Absolutely not. I will talk about the event and what I learned more tomorrow... lesson plans need to be written.

tank- Levi's
petticoat- thrifted
shoes- Naturalizer
belt- F21

I found this skirt about 2 weeks ago and instantly fell in love! The waistband was a teeny bit snug so Mom moved the button over (where it looked like it had been originally) so now I can breathe... even after I eat. When I tried it on, I could instantly think of at least 5 ways to wear it just by changing up the accessories! aka: You will be seeing this skirt a ton in the near future. I only wish that I had a rainbow selection of petticoats. More specifically, red and neon yellow. Or maybe I wish I had a petticoat twice this size. Or a hoop!

Hi, my name is Sarah and I accidentally flashed a couple of people while taking these pictures.

The photos below are outtakes or sheer accidental weirdness. Take your pick!

Awkward legs Part 1:

Even more awkward legs Part 2:

And the finale, Broken/Disappearing Leg:



  1. Sarah - You are soooo cute!!! I can't believe I am just finding your blog now (through our mix "tape" swap)!
    I LOVE this skirt - can you please send it with my CD? (kidding, well - unless you will let me borrow it, I'll send you something in exchange!)

    Anyway - I look forward to reading more!!


  2. It was great to finally meet you in person last night!

  3. This is the best skirt ever! So envious that you have it!

  4. Your pictures turned out great, even the crazy leg ones. You should definitely got a few colorful petticoats because it is the South after all and I have a feeling you'd get less crazy looks here than anywhere else in a neon yellow petticoat. It was great meeting you. I hope to see you again at another blogger meetup!

  5. the crazy legs! So, what are your other plans for the white petticoat?

  6. Oh man I am in love with this skirt and with these. Photos! Now I want to break out the circle skirt and petticot and so come dancing!

  7. Love this outit! that skirt! the simplicity! it's perfect.

  8. Sarah this skirt is AMAZING!!! I adore fun, twirly skirts.

    New to your blog and just loving your cute, sweet style.

  9. New to your blog and I am IN LOVE with that skirt! I love wearing twirly things! <3

  10. I love this post and I really love your blog, it is so personal and just genuine!