March 26, 2011

Creating a Compelling Voice: New Orleans Fashion Week Blogger Panel

I wish you all could read my exact notes from the Panel Thursday night... they're hilarious! People generally don't understand my notes because I put my own ways to remember things in them. Example: It was sophomore year in British lit class and we were discussing how much of a diva Lord Byron was. So what do I write in my notes and later used in a test essay? Lord Byron's poems are like Cher/Diana Ross songs. Yes, people, I did write an entire essay comparing Lord Byron to Cher and Diana Ross. If you need any other strange ideas that will inevitably get you an A, I'm your girl. Back to the panel, here is the condensed version:

1. Hate your blog name after a while? Just stick with it. It's like when you think of the BEST comeback... 3 hours later.
2. Choosing the brands that you work with depends on your own point of view. Some brands are just not a good fit.
3. Politics on fashion blogs: testy, but in the end, even your personal style could offend people just as much as your political views.
4. Bobby has now coined the term "Mlogger". Trademark it, Bobs.
5. Please, oh PLEASE, use correct punctation in e-mails, posts, and comments. I thought I was the only one bothered by this!
6. Keiko uses big words. I felt like I could have an extremely deep conversation with her about absolutely everything and nothing at the same time. (Seriously: "Keiko uses big words" is in my notes)
7. "Don't get down because you feel like you suck" -MyStylePill
8. Good advice from Bobs: "Don't drink and blog."

 BOBBY! And I spy Sarah too!

Chanel, Me, Christy, and Paris
Once the panel was over and it was mingling time, I almost sprinted up to Chanel and told her that I was obsessed with her. I'm so awkward.

Rachael and Me! I wasn't kidding when I tweeted yesterday that Rachael is sweet like coconut macaroons right out of the oven. And I can't describe what I'm about to say, but she sounded exactly like I thought she would sound. Is that creepy?


PS: See more pictures on the New Orleans Fashion Week Facebook page!


  1. A haha I love it. Clearly we would get along. I am so very awkward and random.

  2. Your notes are completely amazing :) And I'm SO glad I got to see your pretty face in person! Thank you for being a part of NOLA FW xo