March 3, 2011

Awkward & Awesome... and then some

blouse- MawMaw'd, 60s vintage
skirt- Express (its twin here)
heels- Liz Claiborne
belt- F21
rings and bracelets- thrifted

I'm participating in Sydney's Awkward and Awesome Thursday today. Why? Because now that I am in a classroom 2+ days a week, I feel the need to share the things that make teaching hilarious and worth the nonexistent money the job pays. Most of my things are both awkward AND awesome, so I won't separate.

1. Heels and a gravel parking lot
2. Fellow classmate snapping at a student
3. LingOL mid Pi meeting recalling the events of #2
4. Student telling me, "Ms. Sarah, I like how you get all ghetto when you teach" Umm, what?
5. Realizing that "Yogurt Girl" in class has been told that she is a complete idiot many times in her life, but doesn't even register that it's true.
6. Playing with dice and red beans in class.

On another note, do you like Adele? The singer, I mean. Have you picked up her new album? Must. Have. Fa. Sho. I can't even pick my favorite song of hers, but "Melt My Heart to Stone" has been on repeat all day. It's not on the new album, but it still gets me every time. It just cuts straight to the heart.



PS: I dont' have school for a week. A WEEK! Praise da Lawd for Mardi Gras holidays!


  1. I don't see any awkward here, only awesome so technically you are cheating. :P

  2. Love that outfit. The color combo is magnificent.

    And Adele? Yes please! The new album is such the best!


  3. Love Adele! Love that orange vintage shirt of yours even more!!! Gorgeous girl! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, heels and gravel never EVER mix haha! Um and I love Adele. Her first CD rocked my world yo. I gotta get on my A game and get her new one ASAP.

  5. You look lovely! Great blog!

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