February 15, 2011

Today I wish my name was Clemence... or Poppy

blouse- vintage, thrifted
black jeans- Levi's
pumps- Liz Claiborne
rings- gifted or thrifted

I wore this Monday. And tonight. I got to go to Pi Party tonight! Basically, if I get a 3.14 or higher a semester I get to go to a pizza place downtown with the other AOIIs that got a 3.14 or above! We get free pizza and we also get to invite our professors. I've never invited any professors. I'm not good socially... plus I don't talk in class so most of my professors don't even know who I am. Even in the classes where there are only about 10 of us. I prefer to keep a low profile.

Heidi took my outfit pictures today! We took a field trip around the Pi house tonight. We visited the outside stairs, the parlor, Annie (our chapter mascot is Raggedy Anne), the bike rack, and the back porch. All while some guys where playing basketball outside... awesome.

Also, Sunday night I wound up at Wal*Mart with Heidi and Cali buying random groceries and following the baby daddies around with their massive teddy bears. Somehow we wound up in the makeup aisle where Heidi and I came up with the idea to have bicycle lipstick. You know what I mean! Like we both get one that we like, we keep it for a week and then switch. Okay, so maybe it's more like the Sisterhood of the Travelling Lipstick. Whatever. This week I have the red, next week I get the coral. And I, for one, am excited!