February 20, 2011

Ruffles, Motorcyles, and Bow Ties

First of all, may I apologize for completely blinding you with my white knees? Second of all, I vow to not bring out my white knees until they are less white. But just so you know, my eyes were crossed while I typed that. So it doesn't count. And if you're wondering how I typed that sentence with my eyes crossed, I'm a magician.

oxford- Levi's
skirt- Target ($7!!!)
boots- Dillard's on sale at 70% off (YEAH YEAH YEAH)
bow tie- thrifted

I wore my black bow tie here and it's been missing me. I wanted to wear it last week, but, as usual, I had that whole it's-at-home-which-is-not-at-my-apartment thing going on. So that meant that I had to wear it today since I was at home! Now it will reside at my apartment until I pick a day to wear it when I teach to freak out my kids. On that note, I start teaching this week (like... Tuesday) so posts may be scarce. I hope not, but it is a possibility! It all depends on how exhausted I am, if a photo sesh is in the cards, and how desperate I am to get the junior high smell off of me.

Today's outfit reflects how I felt this morning when I got dressed. A little ruffled, a little military, a little hardcore (the boots), but with a touch of formal. Am I nuts? Maybe. But would you call the Biker Church in town crazy? No! (For realz, there is a biker church in my town. Pictures to come, scout's honor!)

The below picture is what happens when Mom tells me to "do something brutal". Apparently, my abilities in brutality are at a record low.



  1. chic look! love those boots- looks like you're having fun!



  2. LOVING that chic outfit! You have amazing style!

  3. hi darling! I found your blog on IFB and I LOVE it!
    I am also from Louisiana, the central part, and I am so delighted to meet another blogger from this less than chic state!

    Keep in touch!

  4. Just found your blog and you have the cutest style!! I got some future outfit ideas from looking at all your posts. I decided to comment on this post b/c I have the same skirt (the printed color though).... and also bought it at Target for 7 bucks!! Love those great finds!