February 25, 2011

Overall-Wearers Anonymous

Remember when I wore overalls last? Awesome. Because here I am, wearing overalls again. Only this time, they're gauze. And from the 70s. And embroidered.

overalls- Time Warp
denim shirt- Levi's
shoes- Bandolino
jewelry- all gifted or thrifted

Disclosure: I didn't wear these shoes except for these pictures. I wore a pair of teal t-strap wedges that I love love love but my feet were killing me by the time it was photo sesh time. I will suffer for fashion in most situations, but my feet scream really really loud. What? Your feet don't talk to you? Oh. Now this is awkward.

Anywho, about my day... Mom and I went to the Rotary Club of Baton Rouge's annual Trash & Treasure sale at, what BR natives call, "the old mall". Basically, a bunch of old ladies (love them) donate their old stuff and people like me (crazies) can go at the crack of dawn (I didn't) and dig through the donations. What did I get, you ask? A wedding gown from the 50s complete with a detachable train and insanely gorgeous lace bolero at a wopping $10! It wasn't in the vintage section... whoever categorized things had no idea what they had. 2 suitcases, one of which is from the 1920s/1930s. I also scored some clothes to keep for myself and some things to sell on Etsy. Basically, $118 spent on TONS of great great great stuff! I'm going back on Sunday when everything that's left is half off to check on some things I left. Hopefully they will still be there then! 

On another note, last night I went to a fashion show in downtown BR (more on that to come in the next few days) and the girl below, Caroline, caught my eye the instant she walked in the door! If you didn't already know, I am obsessed with red heads. Like, my children have to have red hair. God, can you hear me? The show had a vintage theme and besides my own outfit, this girl had the most vintage-inspired attire. Not only was her hair ama-zuh-zing, but her dress was this crazy print! And her red lips... to die for! I was obsessed.


PS: I experienced my first non-friend, non-family, non-family friend, completely random "HEY I LOVE YOUR BLOG YOU'RE AWESOME" last night. AHHHH!!! Needless to say, I felt cool. My heart is still smiling 24 hours later.


  1. Even thought im your niece i think your AWESOME TOOOO!!

  2. Heh, that's me with the red hair. And I was totally obsessed with your outfit, too. I'm glad you snapped my picture, or I never would have found your blog, which I am now addicted to.