February 27, 2011

I'm Anti-Red... aka White

Fact: This dress is beautiful.
Fact: This dress makes me feel super feminine.
Fact: This dress makes my butt (sorry, Mom) and hips look really good.

belt- Gap Kids
heels- Bandolino via TJ Maxx
rings- thrifted

I usually wear this dress with a red belt and red heels, but I wanted to mix it up a bit it with the brown. Plus, I now realize how much red I wear and am trying to lessen my red-wearing. Here's the thing: I don't even really like red. Yes, my car is red. Yes, my nails are red much of the time. Yes, my sorority's color is ruby. But, do I like red? Not especially. My skin has a serious red undertone. It's that Cherokee in me! (Yes, I'm Cherokee. You should see my Mom)

I guess I started buying red dresses and blouses when I joined AOII since we had so many events to attend where red was the attire. No more red dresses! Do you hear me, conscience? I also have a thing against pink. And orange. But I have been gravitating towards corals lately... strange.



  1. I love this white dress and how it fits you so well. And the fact that it hits below the knees and doesn't make you stumpy looking!

    Just Better Together

  2. This dress is SOOO gorgeous on you! And I seriously love the overalls from that last post!

  3. OMG:) BEAUTIFUL! GORGEOUS! CUTE! its looks so awesome on you! i admire you! cutest dress ever!!!! :)