February 6, 2011

I Got It From My Momma... The Thief

Todays jam: "I Got it from My Mama" by will.i.am

Point of clarification: My mom is not a thief. Okay, so she skeefed this jacket out of the band room when she was in high school. But it was only because they nixed the band program and were just going to toss the uniforms out. Hey, whatever, she paid her dues marching, clarinet in hand, in addition to twirling a flaming baton wearing go-go boots. She earned that band uniform! And thank God she did, or else I would be without!

band jacket- Mommed
denim shirt and jeans- Levi's
oxfords- Naturalizer
rings- gift, Mommed

The "C" on my jacket stands for Crowville High School. And when you read it/say it, it should sound like Crowvulle. Like that scene in Eizabethtown when Kirsten Dundst is trying to teach Orlando Bloom the correct pronunciation of Louisville, Kentucky. YouTube that scene and you will understand.

And below Mom captured me singing and dancing to today's jam. Yeah yeah! PS: I, too, was in band. And I didn't play trumpet. I played clarinet (Mom's one from high school) and I was really good. Minus the sqeaking I did during concerts and competitions because I was bored.

Now let's switch gears! Here are a couple of pictures of my friend, DJ. You may remember his sweet photog skills from this post! I have to admit that I always get excited to see what he wears (Dennis, don't think that's weird, or do, whatever)! In a community where there is a surplus of camoflauge and "Who Dat?" tees, he usually dresses like a person who actually cares about what they wear. Ahhhh refreshing!

I mostly took his picture because I like his kicks. And that he rolled his jeans and looks like a mix between a hipster (did I really just use that word) and a Euro. He would probably want me to clarify that he recently took all of his jeans to the tailor and took all of them in to be straight leg. He also informed me that he feels more fashionable in them now. Yes, he actually said that.


PS: I would like to thank Airren and Claire for smashing their faces against the glass at church so DJ would feel extremely uncomfortable while I was photographing him.

PPS: I tweeted this morning about my looking like the long lost Bee Gee from the movie set to music from the Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. You've never seen it? Don't. That song will be stuck in your head like "It's a Small World" or "This is the Song that Never Ends". Fo' serious.


  1. Ha! That is pretty much awesome!

  2. Thanks for following my blog! I'm following back. Its so cool that you are from BR too!!