February 16, 2011

I fakenstudied in this post

Connie, aka RoomDog, and I did my photoshoot on the 3rd floor of the library today! My outfit felt colleiate so the library made sense. We found ourselves searching through the books trying to find the most awkard book for me to pretend to read. Infectious diseases, anyone? Luckily, no one was around and no one walked by so there were no awkward looks from passers by. Yay for deserted library floors!

Mom made this skirt a few weeks ago from the bottom of a thrifted dress. You may not be able to tell that it's green, but it is!

leather jacket- Guess, thrifted
oxford- Banana Republic, thrifted
skirt- Mom
loafers- thrifted
rings- gifted

And now for the outtakes of the day:


This tragedy is what I call "study hair".


PS: How awkward are my fingers in the 4th photo? Those darn piano fingers that make them look deformed and crazy.

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  1. haha I get study hair. I look like a freak actually. I have hair clips pulling back my hair. I can't study with my hair in my face. But I need hair to cover my ears....it's complicated. lol

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