February 18, 2011

Crocheted Flowers

crochet top- Mawmaw'd
skirt- made from an old dress
shoes- Urban Outfitters
belt- Gap, old old old
jewelry- thrifted

Fridays are the start of my weekends now since my school went to a 4-day week. That means that now I have 2 full free days to do whatever I want (Sundays are not my free days)! Today I chose to go to Dillards, shoe shop, stop by the Clinique counter, and hit up Target for random things. In our Target buggy was: paper towels, nail polish, tuna steaks, drugs, and HUGE hedge trimmers. Like I said, random things.

Last night I had to explain this blog to a guy at church. He was thoroughly confused. I quote, "So I saw on Facebook the other day that you posted this thing about you going to the library and you took pictures and then you were talking about clothes. What is that?" Haha! Yep. That's mah blog.

I got a letter in the mail today from school informing me that I got a scholarship just for being a SPED major (Special Education)... umm cool! $231.50 in my pocket just for being weird? I'll take it! Anyway, I must depart. I have to go give my dvr some attention.


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