February 12, 2011

Swedish Robin Pan

tunic/shirt- Brother'd, Kirra (PacSun)
leggings- Old Navy
boots- Clarks
belt- Gap (old)
vest- BB Dakota

I'm not gonna lie, I wore this shirt last night over yesterday's dress. I also stole it right out of Brother's closet. Hey, he probably can't fit in it anymore and even if he could, he probably wouldn't wear it. His Under Armour and Nike gear would clash with regular clothing. At least,that is my rationalization.

I realize that I look like 1) Peter Pan, 2) Robin Hood, 3) a medieval something, or 4) an eskimo. However, my agenda involved my 4-year-old cousin's birthday party (complete with ridiculous party hats) and writing lesson plans. Comfort was key. When I finally got dressed I thought that I maybe looked a little Swedish. Tell me the truth, could you see me on Stockholm Streetstyle with my blunt awkward hair, no makeup, leggings, and fur? I just need a grey street as a background.

My hair has been really really weird the last couple of days. Dad asked me earlier if I cut it again (I haven't). Mom asked me what exactly my part was all about (um?). Either way, it's clean.


PS: The Trash & Treasure Sale in Baton Rouge is in 2 weeks! It opens at 7:30am but like I'm getting up that early on my 1 day to ignore an alarm. HA! I will get there later, after the neurotic crazies have gotten their loot. I'd rather miss good stuff than be around the crazies.


  1. Thanks for the tip about the sale Sarah. I have to agree with you, your style and hair color makes you look Swedish.