January 13, 2011

Oh, How I Love Thee, Pencil Skirts

HA! Did I fool you into thinking that this entire post would be about pencil skirts? I did? Oh, well then I guess that's good. Because it is.

Here's the thing: I like pencil skirts... on other people. Again, here's the thing: I'm 5'3 and petite all over, with hips, and a tiny waist (I'm not bragging), and a butt, and, *ahem*, shapely legs. I'm curvy, but little.

Let's define exactly what a pencil skirt is, shall we?
Pencil Skirt- noun: usually high waisted, body-hugging and cut towards the knee. The pencil skirt, when lying flat, is significantly smaller towards the bottom.

For me, pencil skirts have never fit. Trust me, I've tried them all! They are always too tight in the hips which results in me screaming "WHAT THE HECK?" in the dressing room. Not pretty. And even if they pretty much fit through the hip, they are too long. Now now, don't think that I don't take things to the tailor, because I do. But it never feels worth it for pencil skirts. 

I have, however, tried on petites before. Problem: squatty. You petite ladies know what I mean! The shirts may be the right length, but wide. The skirts may be the right length, but the hips are practically where your waist is. Or, the worst, someone could mistake you for a high school secretary who hasn't invested in new clothes since 1977. Why I chose the year 1977 I do not know. But you get my drift.

Solution? The straight skirt. The cut is what it sounds like, straight. Ahh, joy! They fit the waist, I fill out the hips, but it doesn't make me look like a short triangle! Because I have hips and a butt, I can naturally fill out the skirt. So I am, in fact, relying on my own God-given body to wear the clothes. And isn't that how it is supposed to be?

If you have any comments on this, I would love to hear your trials and victories with things like this! And if you have any other clothing debacles you would like to hear about, just let me know!



  1. i'm also of similar stature (5'4", big butt, tiny waist) and i FINALLY found a really good one at new york and company. the way they've placed the seams is perfect for a woman's body! i think my best tip is always be willing to try clothes on and don't settle for anything that doesn't flatter your natural body!

  2. I am a definite fan of the straight skirt... if it's high waisted at all and you can belt it, you totally have the pencil skirt look! it's fun to cheat the "ideal"!

  3. It totally depends on where you shop. For some reason, expensive clothes never fit me. If I want to make an investment,I always end up having to get it taylored. I guess because those clothes are made for older people. Because they have the money to shop there. And I have the body of a teenager. Or actually an underdeveloped pre-teen. So, therefore, I must shop at places like F21. Oh well. It fits and it's cheap. Works for me!