January 5, 2011

Illusions Part 2

tuxedo shirt- Goodwill
sequin skirt- Goodwill
shoes- Converse
jewelry- Goodwill

See my skirt? Yes? Well, it's an illusion. I'm actually not wearing a skirt. It's a tube top. I know, I know. Weird. And they look like bike shorts in these pictures!

Mom and Dad didn't like this outfit today. Nothing else was working and this was the only idea I had, so here it is! Rainy, possibly cooler later on, gross and humid. How does a person dress for that?! Come on!

Also, I have had these shoes since the 10th grade... 7 years.



  1. LOVE love your shoesies...you just look like the cutest personality...and your outfit from the last post??? I totally rocked!

  2. I love my converses I've had mine forever too! Cute idea on the tube top- good call! You look great :)