January 2, 2011

Single Ladies, Fur, and Dirt

First of all, I would like you thank the iPhone 4 alarm glitch for making me late for church this morning.  As a result, I did not have time to wash my hair.  So I Pssssst!'d it up and, as Tim Gunn says, "Make it work."

Second (and last), thank you for a great first 6 months on the blog! I've learned a ton and can't wait for the rest of my first full year! (Shameless New Year's sappy-ness)

After church I had flash mob practice.  You may think I'm lying, but I'm not.  It involves lots of old ladies, a man I will call "Divo", and the Single Ladies dance.  As you can see, I was practicing during our photoshoot today.  Also, you should know that this is the 3rd time I'm wearing this denim shirt without washing it.  That means that my hair and shirt are dirty.  Go me!

shirt- Levi's
cardigan- PacSun
jeans- Levi's
belt- Gap (old)
boots- Clarks
jewelry- thrifted
vest- GapKids (via Goodwill)



  1. I totally am with you with the iPhone 4 alarm glitch :/ I thought I just set it wrong! What is up with that?! I'm also a little jealous that you get to be in a flash mob. Awesome.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  2. I especially like the orange tractor in the background!

  3. awesome pictures - im new at blogging and looking to find friends and show them my arts casual. a combination of arts and fashion goods - let me know what you think www.iggyarts.com

    thanks you
    iggy arts