January 7, 2011

Confessions of a Ferocious Mom Look-Alike

Confession: I didn't wear this outfit this way.  Why, you ask?  Well here's the thing: I had to move furniture and stuff up my stairs and we all know that lifting things up stairs should not be done in heels and even though I work out (um, yes, I do) I'm still a weakling and my balance is, let's say, unpredictable.  Did I just set a record for the longest run on sentence? 

sweater- New York & Company
jeans- Levi's
wedges- BCBG
scarf- Target

After unloading stuff at my apt, Mom and I wound up at an antique shop in Livingston, LA and that is where these shots were taken.  It was super sketchy and the below picture is what I was doing when the townies were slowing down as they were riding by.  I'm fericious, I tell ya!

I feel a little "Mom-ish" in my sweater and jeans, but whatev.  It's comfortable.  These cute little bow shoes were my high school graduation shoes!  When you are graduating on a football field and rain generally occurs right before parish fairs, football games, and graduations, stilletoes are a big fat no-no!  I only own 1 other pair of wedges because I can't really walk in them.  Give me platforms and I'm good, but wedges are a mystery!



  1. Well, Mom must be hot then! Heeheehee

  2. I think this is a great outfit

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