January 10, 2011

Are you dressed for a Saints game? Or an LSU game?

Those were questions I heard when I wore this outfit yesterday. And the answer is no. I am, however, ready for baseball season! I can already hear the ping! ping! of batting practice! So exciting!

coat- Wilson's Leather
top- NY & Company
skirt- vintage, Time Warp
pumps- Calvin Klein

I wound have posted these last night, but I spent the night at my apt with Savannah and our internet wasn't up yet. Time on the phone with cable companies trying to get my own password for the network... so much fun. BUT we had breakfast for dinner and slid down the stairs on boxes! Cheap thrills!

I have worn this skirt many times before but never taken pictures in it. I can't remember why, but I was probably too busy or tired or whatever. I've been on the search for a brown leather skirt too. I have so many leather pieces in my wardrobe. Seriously, PETA would have a field day in my closet. I'm surprised they haven't egged my car yet.


PS: I just found out that there is a vintage shop right behind my favorite coffee shop near school! I will be checking it out next week to see if it's any good. Oh and I have added quite a few things to the shop so check it out and buy something!


  1. I love that leather skirt. I have been trying to find something in my size at thrift stores without any luck. I did manage to find a skirt with pleather trim a few weeks ago at Marshalls. I have worn it plenty of times!