January 8, 2011


Today was super busy! Workouts, showering (a feat some days), and Cirque de Soleil Alegria with Heidi! Seeing people with 8 packs swing from bars and ribbons and watching contortionists through my fingers was so much fun! Those things freak me out but amaze me at the same time. The acrobats they usually start out with make me dizzy and nauseated. Still cool though!

I changed the settings on my point & shoot and I think that is the reason why these pictures are blue. But the building we were in front of looked blue from the sky and reflections too, so maybe it's always like that. I'm not sure.

denim jacket- Gap Kids (circa 7th grade)
shirt- Target
cords- Gap
shoes- Bandolino
purse- thrifted
jewelry- gifted or thrifted



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  2. You look amazing! those red pants are perfect on you!!

  3. Fantastic blog!
    I hope you pass to mine and follow me =)