September 30, 2010

I can still feel the breeze

Song of the Day: "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" -Michael Buble

I had to go observe a 5th grade class today and this is what I wore... plus a sweater.  We have to cover our shoulders and wear closed-toed shoes as a University rule.  Even though the teachers at the schools wear innappropriate clothing all the time!

This skirt was my cousin, Misty's and I love it!  I can't tell you how many times I have worn it and it never gets old.  It's a good thing lace is back in style since I wore it before.  I wore this used-to-be dress as a shirt because it was put in the dryer after this post and I still like it, and it's still usable, so why not make it a shirt?


September 29, 2010


Mom just finished this romper a couple of days ago and I have been dying to wear it!  I had to plan strategically since the only way I can use the bathroom is to unbutton the back buttons and strip.  Not exactly perfect for a long day at school... so I wore it to a concert last night!  Dave Barnes played at The Varsity in Baton Rouge and he is one of my favorite artists!  If you've never heard of him, look him up!

We found the pattern for this romper in a box of old patterns that my Aunt gave us.  This was one of my faves!  When we went to find fabric, I was debating between this color and a pale pink.  But I decided to go with the whole military thing and go with the army green!

romper- old McCall's pattern
sandals- Nine West (super duper old)
belt- MawMaw'd


ps: These were my first night shots and I still don't know how I feel about them.  Any thoughts?

September 27, 2010

If I were a painter

Song of the Day: "Painter Song" by Norah Jones

I don't have much to say today, except that the theme for today is... comfortable.  I have worn these jeans 3 times already and they have yet to get to the point where they fall down.  I found this shirt at Goodwill about 2 years ago and I love it!  The brand (Appleseed) is from Sears or JC Penney I think and it reminds me of elementary teacher clothes. 

shirt: Goodwill
jeans: TJ Maxx (they were $3!!!!!!!!!!!!)
sandals: Gianni Bini
jewelry: Goodwill


ps: It was 63 degrees when I left for school this morning. YAY!

September 26, 2010

Crochet + Cargoes

Please excuse my absence.  My photographer (Mom) was out of town at the wedding of my Sister #3.  In the future, if I ever talk about my sisters in numbers, it is because knowing their names would be confusing, so it is easier to number them in age. I did not get to attend due to my school schedule, but I did see pictures and she looked fantastic!  The ceremony was in Savannah, GA in the town square and it was relaxed and easy, very Sister #3-esque.

On to today's costume... this is what I wore to church this morning!  My grandmother made this crochet top in the 70s so it means a lot to me.  Just knowing that she hand crocheted every stitch is mind boggling to me!  I tried crocheting once and became cross-eyed within minutes.

crochet top: MawMaw
cargoes: PacSun
sandals: Bandolino via TJ Maxx
accessories: Goodwill


September 20, 2010

I get to wishin' that there were two of you

I've decided that when I use song lyrics as my title, I will say the song and the artist.  Sound good?  Good.
Song of the Day: "Can't Get Enough of You Baby" by Smash Mouth
That song reminds me of the movie "10 Things I Hate About You" and makes me giggle (and maybe wiggle).

I found these shorts at Goodwill a couple of months ago but this is my first time wearing them.  I had them cleaned and then they needed to be hemmed.  They were really comfortable all day while I was sitting in class in uncomfortable chairs being bored by Louisiana history.

I found this tank about 3 years ago in the sale section at Urban Outftters.  It's weird and confusing, both to look at and to put on, and I like it!  And just to clarify, all of the straps are straight from the tank.  I told you it was weird!

tank: Urban Outfitters
shorts: Banana Republic via Goodwill
sandals: Nine West via DSW
bracelets: Goodwill
watch: Fossil
twisty ring: Sarah Kaye Jewelry

My ring was made by my friend and sorority sister, Sarah.  You can find her Etsy store here so check it out and buy something!  If you can't find anything there that you want/like/need, contact her and ask about custom jewelry!


ps: Ever since I saw other people's blogs with carpet bags, I just had to have one!  I'm not usually a trend person, but this I couldn't pass up!  I found it at a vintage shop in Dallas a month ago and fell in love.  Will you fall into the trap of carpet bag obsession?

September 19, 2010

Just call me Scarlett O'Hara... or a von Trapp

Today I am unveiling a project that I worked on over the summer... enjoy!

What I wore today begin as this:

And ended up like this:

It all started when my Mom found these drapes at Goodwill and fell in love with the print.  When she brought them home I fell in love with it too and wanted to do something with it.  I have to admit, it was difficult to figure it out without having the result look too much like a 70s couch but I think it turned out not too tacky.

This was my first dress/top/skirt to make by myself (with the help of Mom since reading patterns is not a skill I possess).  The fabric was really slippery and difficult at times but I was determined!

The top wound up being way too big after we had already cut it out and sewn it, so we added the pleat in the back to take it up. 

The skirt has 3 pleats on each side towards the middle of the front part of the skirt, which I am not a fan of.  It only adds a weird amount of bulk right where no one wants bulk.  The next time I use this pattern (from the 70s) I will skip the pleats and just do a gathered skirt.  Easier and more attractive.

top & skirt disguised as a dress- I MADE IT!!!
belt- Gap kids (super duper old)
sandals- Bandolino via TJ Maxx
bracelets and rings- Goodwill
watch- Fossil


September 18, 2010


As of my bedtime I had no idea what to wear to work today.  However, I woke up this morning with the idea for this outfit! 

I threw in the bow tie for kicks because I didn't want to wear a regular belt. And maybe I've been on a bow tie kick lately, sue me.

shirt- To the Max (Dillards)
shorts- Express
sandals- Michelle D
bow tie- Goodwill
jewelry- Goodwill

I have to confess that after these photos I realized that the bow tie as a belt would not be comfortable all day, so I wrapped it around my wrist as a bracelet.


September 17, 2010

Lace & Leather, Minus the Lace

This is the only decent picture I have of last night's outfit, and you can't even see my great boots!  I would, however, like to thank Marcela for being my photographer!

Last night my sorority had a crush party (you can bring up to 3 dates) and the theme was "Don't be Tardy for the Jardy".  Everyone wore their best (or cheesiest) denim attire and it was a blast!  Hands down tied for my favorite social yet!  The boys above were my awesome dates!  (And you can see my outfit better there)

Back to what we're really here for, the clothes...
tank- Gap
vest- Levi's
hot pants- Time Warp
bow tie- MawMaw'd
jewelry- Goodwill
boots- Sam Edelman via Last Call


September 14, 2010

Walkin' on Sunshine

I had a lot of energy today.  A lot, a lot.  A whole lot.  I always have more energy when I wear yellow.  Is it just me?

shirt- Gap
shorts- Goodwilled, also seen here
belt- Goodwill
shoes- Nine West via DSW
cool swirly ring (not seen)- Goodwill

This outfit is a reflection of my schedule for the day... I did not have class until 3:30 and then I had boring night class where I made a sun out of a paper plate.  True story.

Let's face it, these shorts are not flattering from the side or the back, which is why there are no side or back pictures.  I still love them, though!


PS: If you didn't notice, I cut my hair!  It's the shortest it has ever ever ever been.  Well, since before it was long enough for me to sit on it, so about age 3.  I wanted it gone and I love it!!!  Short, sassy, easy, cool, and bouncy!

September 10, 2010

Checkmate on my shoulder

Only two photos today :(  Stinky attitude + lack of sleep = lack of good pictures to choose from

vest- Levi's (seen here also)
pants- Pac Sun
sandals- Dolce Vita
jewelry- either gifted or thrifted

Confession: I have been looking for a pair of skinny cargos that wouldn't break the bank.  Yesterday I found these at Pac Sun and they were 2 for 1 so I got the green and grey!  Evaluation: comfortable, versatile, but need to be put in the dryer.

Also, I had my foxtrot test in social dance today... aced it.


September 9, 2010


Today was amazing, and I am not even exaggerating!  Last night I checked my e-mail right before bed and saw that my ONLY Thursday class was, in fact, cancelled!  That meant that I had nowhere to go and no plans, which opened up a bucket of possibilities of what I could do.  I skipped my usual workout and went off to search for a long sleeved denim shirt.  I was unsuccessful but I wound up at Pac Sun (rare) and found skinny cargos at buy 1 get 1 free.  Score!  So nice!

Anywho, on to the outfit... this romper was found at Buffalo Exchange in New Orleans a few months ago and I love it!  It's comfortable and I like the safari feel.

romper- Buffalo Exchange
belt- Trash & Treasure
shoes- Nine West via DSW
bracelets- Goodwill

It looks like I'm leaning on a real bench, huh?  Fooled ya!  It's a mural.


September 8, 2010

I don't know what it's like to land and not race to your door

Today I got weird looks.  Again.  Story of my life.  Sometimes I get nervous that I have something on my face or my skirt is stuck in my underwear or something.  Aaaaand then I realize that I'm wearing what I'm wearing. 

I snagged this dress at Time Warp on Sunday!!! Mom and I went through the entire store but somehow we missed it until I was headed into the dressing room.  It's 50s, it's grey, it's light and fluffy.  Basically, I was in love.  Like Tania expressed today in her post, I too have a love affair with the color grey.  It makes me feel cozy and elegant at the same time.  Like your favorite pair of jeans, or your cat, or a big purple cow (vanilla ice cream with grape juice-- sounds gross but it isn't. Try it!).

The fabric is gauzy and it feels like I'm wearing a handkerchief, so basically I felt as though I was naked all day. Not a bad feeling once you get used to it.

dress- vintage, Time Warp
shoes- Grasshoppers (mawmaw Keds)

A little detail shot :)


September 5, 2010

Darlin' won't you ease my worried mind

In case you were wondering, I had a fantastic day today.  The weather was fantastic, I got to hang out with a long lost friend, and I scored a couple things out with Mom. 

These photos were taken outside of downtown BR by an old abandoned building. Mom and I have been wanting to take pictures around there for a while but had not had or made time to do so, but it was a success!

This dress is from a place in Austin, TX that I cannot remember the name of. I have had it for at least 4 years and don't wear it enough! We shortened it after I wore it a couple of times because it started to look frumpy.

dress- vintage purchased in Austin
shoes- Nine West
jewelry- Goodwill


September 4, 2010

The candle feeds the flame

romper- Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent
belt- Goodwill
sandals- BCBG
bracelets and rings- Goodwill
earrings- Preston & York

Today I worked at Charlotte's and this is what I wore!  After work I met a friend for a little bit of shopping and dinner and I switched shoes bc the gladiators were rubbing blisters :(

I found this romper at a boutique blowout sale last weekend in BR!  I tried on quite a few things but this was the only item I was really interested in.  I love the color, I love the fit, I love the cut, I love the billowy tuxedoness.  I just love it.  I belted it because I am a compulsive belter.  There, I said it!  With the belt it feels like part of a resort collection, am I right?


ps: I am on a hunt for a long sleeved denim shirt.  I wanted the one Gap had a while back but I can't find it anywhere.  Any recommendations for a small person at an equally small price?