December 30, 2010

Witchy Vibes, Nike Shorts, and Weirdness


Today I went to the mall with Brother and one of his friends. Our goal was to find Brother shirts. He got 2. I didn't know it was so difficult for him to find shirts that 1) He likes 2) Fit his swimmer shoulders 3) Fit his swimmer shoulders and his teeny waist. I find shirts that I would buy for him all the time, whatev.

This is the dress I found at Urban last week that made me feel all witchy-vibey and such. I agree with Brother's friend's statement that it is annoying when girls just put on Nike shorts and a tee to go shopping in and don't put something else on. Not to mention that the shorts go *whoosh whoosh* when you walk. Save it for the gym, ladies. Why wear those when you could be wearing an extremely comfortable dress that feels like pajamas?

Speaking of pajamas... Have you seen the pajama jeans infomercial? HAHA! I could not stop laughing the first few times I watched it!

dress- Urban Outfitters
belt- thrifted
jewelry- gifted or thrifted
stink bug bracelet- market in Mexico
shoes- Urban Outfitters

And for the outtake of the day, possibly year:
"Mom, can you see the red on my neck where I scratched?"
"I'm not sure, let's take a picture and see"
*takes photo below*

My skin is super weird.



  1. I couldn't agree with you more about what people wear when they are out and about around town. What is even worse than the shorts and t-shirt is the pajamas and/or pajama pants (with slippers nonetheless) that people wear to the stores. PUT REAL CLOTHES ON PEOPLE!!!

    I also saw the pajama jeans on t.v. and I laughed hysterically. It sort of makes me want to order them for the laughter alone....or at least order a pair for someone else! LOL

    Love your blog! I read it all the time. Keep up the good work!

  2. hahaha! your blog is awesome and i love what you did with this outfit... Simple black dress, really fun accessories!
    ps... pajama jeans?! uuummm same thing as jeggings? (i hate that word!)

  3. i love this type of dress! This is probably more comfortable than gym shorts.

    Just Better Together is having a giveaway!

  4. This dress looks so comfy and chic! Love the camel colored belt with it too!
    Kristina J.

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