December 3, 2010

Two Lips for Tulips

The above photo is what I wore yesterday... only I didn't have time to do a blog post. And I did not want to do 2 separate posts when I only had 1 picture of it anyway! This was my first time trying out the knee socks and boots combo. I think I like it!

tee- American Eagle
skirt- I made it
sweater- Element via the Billabong store
boots- Steve Madden
socks- Target


Now for today's attire...
This sweater was my Mom's in the 70s. It's old and cheesy and mawmaw-y and I like it! Would anyone else wear a sweater with two kissing turtles on it? And a catchy phrase embroidered on the sleeve? This hat was also Mom's, or maybe MawMaw's, I can't remember. I didn't actually wear the hat to school today, seeing as it wound up in the lower 70s this afternoon. I would have been sweating and had major hat hair! However, if it was in the 40s like it was this morning, I would have donned the hat.

sweater- vintage
hat- vintage
jeans- Lucky (these are my butt jeans)
boots- no clue
jewelry (not shown)- Goodwill or gifted


And for the outtake of the day, I present to you, "The Shlump".


PS: Yellow tulips are my favorite flower, just sayin'.


  1. I like your skirt and your holiday sweater :)

    Just Better Together

  2. love the knee hi + boot combo!

  3. really love the sweater in ur first pic


  4. i thought I had "the shlump" copyrighted!! jk, but it does crop up on me often enough that i should. you, on the other hand, are no shlump. rock the boots girl!! :)

  5. i am totally loving that sweater! and how cool that it was your moms! it's fantastic! and wearing it with the hat and boots is brilliant. so cute :) oh and my skirt is a wrap, well sort of a faux wrap because it has a button on the inside to keep it closed.