December 9, 2010

Meet Cole and Austin. If you have backtracked or been a follower for a while, you first met them here

Now to me!  I wore this last night to yet another Dave Barnes concert in New Orleans.  Trying to figure out what to wear was extremely difficult yesterday.  Jeans? But I don't feel like wearing jeans.  Dress? It's cold. Skirt? It's cold. Tights? Maybe. Shoes? Flat. Coat? Not too heavy since we'll be outside some and inside some. Layers? But I'm not good with layers... I think you get the picture.  Overall, I feel like I looked better in it than these pictures let on.  But maybe that's just my conceit.

coat- Delia's (maybe)
moto sweater- TJ Maxx
black tee- Gap
skirt- The Children's Place (don't judge-- it has an expandable waist) via Goodwill
leggings- Old Navy
boots- I don't know

And now meet Heidi, you first met her here! This is what she called her "Black Friday Outfit" since she got it on Black Friday and survived the crazy people.

And this is Kristin. We met during sorority recruitment our freshman year.  I only knew 1 other girl going through recruitment (who would later be one of her bffs and my roomdog) so on our dinner break I walked up to the table where she was sitting/eating/playing paper football, and said, "Hey, can I sit here?"  Can I just verify that I had never done that before in my life, seeing as I am socially awkward? So this act was huge. Come to find out, she's cool and likes Dave Barnes too!

The guys again! You can see Austin's outfit better here, which I know he will appreciate.


PS: Finals are over so I can have a life! First, I have to find one...
PPS: I would like to thank Kristin for being my lovely photographer last night.

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  1. Yeah he appreciates the better outfit angle and feels honored to have made it on your blog.