December 18, 2010

I like quilts. Sue me.

Today I wore a quilt on my bottom half. Don't fret, it is a skirt that has just been made into a quilt. I wouldn't wear an actual blanket on my body as clothing... at least not yet.

Mom found this skirt a while back at Goodwill. Or maybe a garage sale. I'm not sure. Either way, it was cheap! We didn't have to hem it or take it in at all. Score!

skirt- thrifted or garage saled
sweater- Bass (maybe)
belt- Gap
boots- the same ones as usual, so I don't know

I went to Time Warp today for their Super Sale! I found a Christmas dress that is borderline cheesy but I don't care, a cute western-ish dress, a pretty lace top, and a velvet skirt.  Everything I bought involves red, lace, or velvet. Oh and I got a REALLY cute hat that I can't wait to wear! It's blue. I also tried on this sick looking white fringe dress that is so Bianca Jagger it's ridiculous and it fit me pretty much perfectly. I tweeted a picture of it to Karen of Where Did U Get That because I knew she would love it. She did. Too bad I didn't have an excuse to buy it!


PS: If you are looking for a quilted skirt, I have a couple of options on my Etsy page so check them out! I will be adding more of my vintage collection this week as soon as I can take pictures of the clothes.


  1. Hi, found you on Chictopia. Great blog :-) will follow you...


  2. The patter is beautiful! One of my favorite parts about this skirt is the pleating on the top!

    Just Better Together

  3. I personally love quilts and am a quilter. The skirt is so cute.