December 20, 2010

Fact: I am a rebel.

Your eyes are not fooling you. I am breaking a serious fashion rule today. Brown, navy, black, AND grey. Yep, I told you I was a rebel!

I'm not going to lie. I wore this exact outfit to a Christmas party last night. I know, I'm gross.

jacket- TJ Maxx
scarf- Dillards, maybe
stripe tee- Gap
jeans- TJ Maxx
fringe boots- either Last Call of Off Saks

While I was waiting on my car to get fixed, Mom and I went to Urban and I scored a black scoopneck maxi. It gave me a witchy vibe. The fact that I'm using the phrase "witchy vibe" is a sign that I am stalking Tavi too much.

I used Elaine's twisty belt tutorial to tie my belt. I varied it slightly because my belt was so thick.



  1. Pssht, I break that rule daily....and I wore white pants yesterday. Nice to meet a fellow fashion rebel ;) Love the outfit.


  2. I think the scarf really makes it work! Nicely done.

  3. Very cute and fun. All of the neutrals work beautifully together!

  4. love the outfit!