November 10, 2010

Your Soul You Must Keep

Song of the Day: "Awake My Soul" by Mumford & Sons

blouse- Forever21 (approx 5 years ago)
jeans- TJ Maxx
boots- absolutely no clue
belt- Gap (old old old)

I wore this yesterday, and I would have posted this yesterday, but yesterday was nuts. Do you like my repitition and redundancy and repitition of the word "yesterday"? Hopped out of bed, did BodyPump, showered (accomplishment), English, night class, and ran all around town for a tape because I'm nice. So yeah, no time. I should be writing my lesson plans for next week right now but this feels more... important. Are my priorities twisted? Probably.

What I am wearing today as I am writing this is: tuxedo shirt, jeans, and fringe boots. I walked into social dance and the girl who calls me Emily (she tells me I look like an Emily, I've always gotten Brittany, which I resent) was wearing practically the same thing. White oxford, dark jeggings, and brown booties. I should have taken a picture with her, oh well.

Check out the air I got on this one!!! I'm just glad my jeans didn't rip.

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