November 3, 2010

What I want, you've got

Song of the Day: "You Make My Dreams" by Hall & Oats

blouse- MawMaw'd
jeans- Levi's
turban- Babooshka
flats- Jessica Simpson

I win the Number of Weird Looks on Campus award again today!  When I walked into social dance, my friend Breanna said, and I quote, "Sarah, you look like someone, a person, who would have worked on a plantation, you know?" I said, "Like a slave?" She said, "Well I was trying to be gentle about it, but yes."
So today I look like a slave... but it's just because I'm wearing a turban headwrap.  My MawMaw sent me a stack of her old blouses a while back and I just went through them a few days ago.  This mustard one is definitely my favorite! 

The weather here has been gross lately so wearing my hair up today was a must. It's been a fro for the last couple of days so I just needed it out of my face.
Turban = hair/life saver


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