November 29, 2010

Isadora Duncan was crazy... maybe

Strange things that happened today:
1. I realized that these boots need new insoles, as my right foot is scruffed from a lack of said insole.
2. I was taught how to address students on weird people things. Example: If you have an eye patch, start out the first day of class informing your students that the class is not about pirates.

3. Number 2 is completely legit. My history professor has an eye patch and said that on the first day of class.
4. Isadora Duncan may have been crazy.
5. Once I get a jive song stuck in my head there is no getting it out!

sweater- TJ Maxx

white tee- American Eagle
jeans- Levi's
scarf- Urban Outfitters
boots- Time Warp



  1. Is the realization that Isadora Duncan may have been crazy connected in any way to the play Fefu and her friends ("Isadora Duncan had entrails, that's why she should have not danced. But she danced and for this reason became crazy. She wasn't crazy.")?

    If so, nice reference.