November 29, 2010

Isadora Duncan was crazy... maybe

Strange things that happened today:
1. I realized that these boots need new insoles, as my right foot is scruffed from a lack of said insole.
2. I was taught how to address students on weird people things. Example: If you have an eye patch, start out the first day of class informing your students that the class is not about pirates.

3. Number 2 is completely legit. My history professor has an eye patch and said that on the first day of class.
4. Isadora Duncan may have been crazy.
5. Once I get a jive song stuck in my head there is no getting it out!

sweater- TJ Maxx

white tee- American Eagle
jeans- Levi's
scarf- Urban Outfitters
boots- Time Warp


November 28, 2010

I'm more atari

Song of the Day: "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green (the clean version, mind you)

I'm baaaaack!
I apologize for my absence.  My teaching week was a couple of weeks ago, during my last post, and then things got crazy.  Catching up on assignments and then the holidays.  I was supposed to go to Mexico for my neice's Quince but wound up stuck at home with homework as my company.  Today I "get" to create a 3-D representation of my chosen author for library science... yay!  Or should I put the 'yay' in quotes too?  "Yay"

blazer- thrifted Guess
tee- BCBG
skirt- thrifted
belt- old old old Gap
sandals- Bandolino
jewelry- thrifted

This is probably the last time I will be able to wear this skirt.  There is a big tear in the side seam that Mom repaired for me this morning, but it won't hold for long.  What to do with the fabulous fabric now?  I'm thinking a pillow.


PS: Does this dress not look an awful lot like this dress of mine? Scary.

November 16, 2010

Every gambler knows that the secret to survivin' is knowin' what to throw away and knowin' what to keep

Meet Heidi, my Little #1! We took this picture at Red Rose Formal last Friday and she wanted it on the blog... so here you go Heidi!  PS: isn't her dress cool?  She got it from the store where I work and it was a perfect fit!

Song of the Day: "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers

This skirt is old.  And when I say old, I mean that it has been worn by me since its purchase in 2004. Oh, 9th grade, you were good to me. Originally, it was in my rotation of the mundane circle of uniform bottoms.  I was so bored with khaki pants by the time I graduated that I swore off khaki bottoms for 2 years.  But now that I've been uniform-free for almost 4 years, they are back in my "like" pile.

Also, this skirt fits around my hips very loosely but since I'm lazy and won't buy another khaki skirt, I just bundled it up and made it high-waisted.  Did I fool you into thinking that it was a high-waisted paper bag skirt?  I didn't?  Oh well.

Today was day 2 of my teaching week for history and English.  My 6th graders (history) did a Taste of Louisiana activity.  Almost all of them agreed that the best food was the alligator and sugarcane came in a close second.  My 10th graders (English), especially the boys, kept asking me questions about how many parties there are in college.  At least we didn't have to talk about torture techniques anymore... yuck.

shirt- Goodwill
skirt- Gap
oxfords- Naturalizer
belt- Gap
jewelry- Goodwill


November 10, 2010

Your Soul You Must Keep

Song of the Day: "Awake My Soul" by Mumford & Sons

blouse- Forever21 (approx 5 years ago)
jeans- TJ Maxx
boots- absolutely no clue
belt- Gap (old old old)

I wore this yesterday, and I would have posted this yesterday, but yesterday was nuts. Do you like my repitition and redundancy and repitition of the word "yesterday"? Hopped out of bed, did BodyPump, showered (accomplishment), English, night class, and ran all around town for a tape because I'm nice. So yeah, no time. I should be writing my lesson plans for next week right now but this feels more... important. Are my priorities twisted? Probably.

What I am wearing today as I am writing this is: tuxedo shirt, jeans, and fringe boots. I walked into social dance and the girl who calls me Emily (she tells me I look like an Emily, I've always gotten Brittany, which I resent) was wearing practically the same thing. White oxford, dark jeggings, and brown booties. I should have taken a picture with her, oh well.

Check out the air I got on this one!!! I'm just glad my jeans didn't rip.

November 7, 2010

Somethin' grabs ahold of me tightly

Song of the Day: "Ice, Ice, Baby" by Vanilla Ice
Yeah, I went there. It does not matter how long it has been since I have heard that song, I still know almost every single word. That, and a few other rap songs from my past that still make me laugh. Example: "Disco Inferno", "Tootsie Roll", and "Money Maker".

I got these red cords from Gap a couple of weeks ago on a random trip after lunch with my friend Airren (Hey Airren!!!).  They were an impulse buy and can I just say that it is one of my favorite impulse buys ever.

This blouse is super old and is one of the softest things I've ever put my hands on. Seriously. Seriously. It has a small hole in the back ribboning but I will repair that later. That means that I will repair it when I remember to (I won't) or when I am avoiding doing what I really need to do.

leather jacket- Guess via Goodwill
blouse- Gap (approx 5 years old)
pants- Gap
boots- no clue
jewelry- Goodwill


November 5, 2010

On a barstool she took off her ring

Song of the day: "Lucille" by Kenny Rogers

I cannot get enough of these cargo pants. I have another pair in grey that I have yet to wear because the green ones go with everything these days. Poor neglected grey cargoes.

It finally feels like fall here! It was 46 degrees when I left home this morning! Who else is excited for layers and boots?

sweater- Element (Billabong store)
shirt- Gap
cargoes- PacSun
flats- Seychelles
jewelry- thrifted


November 3, 2010

What I want, you've got

Song of the Day: "You Make My Dreams" by Hall & Oats

blouse- MawMaw'd
jeans- Levi's
turban- Babooshka
flats- Jessica Simpson

I win the Number of Weird Looks on Campus award again today!  When I walked into social dance, my friend Breanna said, and I quote, "Sarah, you look like someone, a person, who would have worked on a plantation, you know?" I said, "Like a slave?" She said, "Well I was trying to be gentle about it, but yes."
So today I look like a slave... but it's just because I'm wearing a turban headwrap.  My MawMaw sent me a stack of her old blouses a while back and I just went through them a few days ago.  This mustard one is definitely my favorite! 

The weather here has been gross lately so wearing my hair up today was a must. It's been a fro for the last couple of days so I just needed it out of my face.
Turban = hair/life saver


November 2, 2010

But the day after is darker

Song of the Day: "My Dear Country" by Norah Jones


My eyelids are closing so this will be short.

dress- BCBG via Goodwill
tights- Target
boots- I've worn them so much that the label is worn off so I have no idea

I wore this dress yesterday... and today. Does that make me gross?  It rained all day today and this dress feels like pajamas so I did not even think twice about that style. Get it? My blog's name is Think Twice Style... I'm tired and not funny at this point. Forgive me.