October 7, 2010

Projects, projects, projects

I have never been a fan of projects. As a student, I would rather take a test or write a paper simply because they are easier and do not require coloring. I have already vowed to not give my future students useless projects just as busy work. Why? Because I know that parents help their kids with projects and that it's a pain. That being said, when my neice, Adriana, called me to ask if I could help her out for a project at school, I jumped on it! I don't really know much about the specifics, but she and her partner are doing a project on office wear. Here are the looks that I put together for her!

This look is classic with a twist! My skirt is from Express. I got a black one first and really really wanted the blue one, but I wasn't going to pay that much for something so frivilous. So I waited and bought it when it went on sale for $7! My blouse is from Target and my belt is from my Mawmaw's closet.

I also wore this outfit (with a couple of changes) on my Worst Day Ever about a year ago. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong that day.  Printer ran out of ink and I had to go to my sister's to print stuff, guys down the street cut off our water when I was mid-shampoo, and I had to teach my peers and be videoed for my special ed methods class. See? Worst Day Ever.

Even though I am not a pants wearer most of the time but most people who work wear pants... so I caved. I bought these pants on sale at Dillards a few years ago and have worn them only once. I have only worn them once because it took Mom that long to hem them! I have had this green blouse since the 7th grade... I kid you not. It is still cute and pretty so I keep it around.

Did anyone notice that I missed a front belt loop?

For this look I wanted to be funky but still work appropriate. I found this dress about a year ago on sale at Dillards... again. AND these shoes were $18 at Marshalls. Can't beat that!

This dress has been a favorite of my closet for at least 4 years. First I wanted to show it with heels...

And then with flats! If you're like me and spend your dressier days in front of a classroom running around like a nutcase, you would rather wear flats.

This last one is more for summer but the weather here is perfect right now so I just went for it! I found this skirt at St. Vincent de Paul over by LSU with a matching jacket in the kids section. My blouse is from either Stein Mart or Marshalls... I can't remember. But it's easy, comfortable, appropriate, and it's cute!

Well there you go! 5 work appropriate looks that can go with literally any body type in any situation.


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