October 9, 2010

Nothing comes between me and my... Levi's?

It was 70 degrees when I left this morning for work and by the time I got home, it was 90. Yay Louisiana! After work I found myself at Dillards getting my Clinique stuff and then at Target. And I have an announcement to make about my trip to Target-- I left with exactly the item I went for and nothing else. This has never happened before in my life!

jeans- Levi's
blouse- I made it (also seen here)
sandals- Bandolino
jewelry- thrifted
belt- Gap (super duper old)

I remember the first time I saw these jeans... I was in Levi's Square in San Fran in June of 2007 and I instantly fell in love. However, I did not want to spend over $100 on high-waisted jeans that I would not wear often enough for the price tag to be worth it. A couple of months later, I came home from class and they were sitting on my bed! Mom found them at the Levi's outlet near here for $30. Can't beat that!

Ask me how many weird looks I got today for wearing jeans up to my ribcage; I dare you.


ps: I feel like Barbra Streisand in A Star is Born in these jeans... like when she was singing "Queen Bee" and Kris Kristofferson was in the bar audience. That makes them all the more fun to wear!

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  1. I LOVE these jeans! I see that they are Levi's but what model? I NEED them! ha