October 31, 2010


The above photo was taken by the Dennis Howard, Jr.  You can usually find him on campus at LSU dressed in sweats or man-pris, in the gym with his teammates, or on the field at Tiger Stadium dressed as #33.  Today, he was my first attempt at a photoshoot.  (Thanks DJ!)

dress: thrifted Karta (Saks 5th Ave) dress at $4.99
pumps: Antonio Melani
jewelry: Mommed

This dress makes me feel a little Twiggy-esque.  If only I had the haircut to go along with it... And finding it at Goodwill saved me over $400, so having to mend the sleeve and send it to the dry cleaners was worth the so-called trouble.



  1. LOVE IT. You are ROCKING that dress. This comment would all be in CAPS because I LOVE this look SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog