October 30, 2010

Cowboys, Miners, and Dior

The title of today's post may be confusing, but I am about to explain it, promise!

 I am wearing a thrifted pair of Dingo cowboy boots, Levi's (that's where the miners come in) and a thrifted boy's Dior blazer.  Yes, it's true, some crazy person threw out a Christian Dior blazer. Some people seriously need to get their head checked!

When I got home from work today my brother walked into the kitchen and said, "So what are you?" To which I replied, "Myself."  Then he said, "No seriously, what are you?"  And I said, "Seth, this is not a costume. I wore this to work today."  And he said, "Oh" and gave me an awkward look.  We have this conversation at least once a week.

I had to do the footloose dance in these boots.  And yes, it was fun.

Oh and my hair is a fro today.  I cannot remember if I have shown the fro since cutting it so here it is!


1 comment:

  1. I really like this look. Those boots are great. I love the fringe and the color.