October 21, 2010

Courage is the triumph of the soul

Song of the day: "Anything You Want" by Jason Mraz
New life goal: see J.Mraz live multiple times

Last night I wore the below outfit to dinner.  The rest of the pictures turned out... not so well.  So this is what you get!

Today I had to go observe a 10th grade English class and this is what I wore!  Some days it is easier to figure out how to dress appropriately for that setting and in a way that doesn't make me look like one of the kids.  But I still want to look like myself so this is complicated. 

Mom found this skirt at a thrift store a while back and it's actually a suit.  I still need to get the jacket tailored... it is on the list.

blouse- Gadzook's
skirt- Goodwill
flats- J. Simpson
jewelry- Goodwill
ponytail holder- because I'm classy like that

Outtake of the day:


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  1. OOH! I really love the red skirt with the white top on me. Now I am wishing I had a red bottom too!

    Just Better Together