September 1, 2010

Oh, this is the start of something good

Again I win the award for crazy looks today.  Mostly of the nature of "Is that girl wearing flowerdy (because I know students at my school would not know the word 'floral') shorts?" and "Are her shorts pleated?" and "What kind of shoes are those?".  I would only know this for sure if people actually spoke these things or had comment bubbles above their heads.  Their faces tell the story, though.

shirt- BCBGeneration
shorts- Mommy (as in, my Mom made them)
belt- Gap, really really really old
shoes- Goodwill
jewelry- Goodwill or gifted

Mom just finished these shorts last night and I was SO excited!  I had been looking for some silky printed shorts but was not interested in paying much money.  While we were in Dallas I found a Bass skirt at a thrift shop and thought it was PERFECT for my silky shorts idea.  I used the same pattern I used for another project and the pattern had pants along with a skirt.  One thing we changed was to put the pleats on the sides (where pleats should be) instead of right in the middle (AWKWARD).  I had already made the skirt for the other project so I will just have to be satisfied with having 4 awkward pleats in the front of my stomach that could possibly me me look as if I am hiding something.

I belted the shorts because I did not want to wear a long necklace today.  I usually save my super long necklaces for fall because they seem to be pretty fussy while I am walking around campus in the blazing sun. 

The other project I referred to will be revealed soon.  I just have not had the gumption to do so yet.


ps: I cannot WAIT to wear these shorts when cooler weather hits with boots, tights, and my brown leather blazer.  I want to wear it now but I would have a heat stroke.

1 comment:

  1. Your clothes are precious!
    I feel like only you could handle wearing them without looking like a goober, though.

    I am looking forward to the reveal of your new project!