September 17, 2010

Lace & Leather, Minus the Lace

This is the only decent picture I have of last night's outfit, and you can't even see my great boots!  I would, however, like to thank Marcela for being my photographer!

Last night my sorority had a crush party (you can bring up to 3 dates) and the theme was "Don't be Tardy for the Jardy".  Everyone wore their best (or cheesiest) denim attire and it was a blast!  Hands down tied for my favorite social yet!  The boys above were my awesome dates!  (And you can see my outfit better there)

Back to what we're really here for, the clothes...
tank- Gap
vest- Levi's
hot pants- Time Warp
bow tie- MawMaw'd
jewelry- Goodwill
boots- Sam Edelman via Last Call


1 comment:

  1. MAN!!!!! You had some good looking dates!