September 8, 2010

I don't know what it's like to land and not race to your door

Today I got weird looks.  Again.  Story of my life.  Sometimes I get nervous that I have something on my face or my skirt is stuck in my underwear or something.  Aaaaand then I realize that I'm wearing what I'm wearing. 

I snagged this dress at Time Warp on Sunday!!! Mom and I went through the entire store but somehow we missed it until I was headed into the dressing room.  It's 50s, it's grey, it's light and fluffy.  Basically, I was in love.  Like Tania expressed today in her post, I too have a love affair with the color grey.  It makes me feel cozy and elegant at the same time.  Like your favorite pair of jeans, or your cat, or a big purple cow (vanilla ice cream with grape juice-- sounds gross but it isn't. Try it!).

The fabric is gauzy and it feels like I'm wearing a handkerchief, so basically I felt as though I was naked all day. Not a bad feeling once you get used to it.

dress- vintage, Time Warp
shoes- Grasshoppers (mawmaw Keds)

A little detail shot :)



  1. Oh my gosh you look so so classy. I love it! You pull off vintage with flying colors.

  2. i beyond love this dress. seriously love, love, love!! you look amazing in it too!!