September 26, 2010

Crochet + Cargoes

Please excuse my absence.  My photographer (Mom) was out of town at the wedding of my Sister #3.  In the future, if I ever talk about my sisters in numbers, it is because knowing their names would be confusing, so it is easier to number them in age. I did not get to attend due to my school schedule, but I did see pictures and she looked fantastic!  The ceremony was in Savannah, GA in the town square and it was relaxed and easy, very Sister #3-esque.

On to today's costume... this is what I wore to church this morning!  My grandmother made this crochet top in the 70s so it means a lot to me.  Just knowing that she hand crocheted every stitch is mind boggling to me!  I tried crocheting once and became cross-eyed within minutes.

crochet top: MawMaw
cargoes: PacSun
sandals: Bandolino via TJ Maxx
accessories: Goodwill


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