August 4, 2010

Next Phase, New Wave, Dance Craze

This photoshoot took place at the park close to our house.  We were on the way home from making a run to the fabric store to pick out buttons, and I wound up finding a pattern for drawstring harem pants that I liked.  I also found a cornflower colored (that is the Crayola color I can identify it with) linen for 1/2 price to use for it!

Today is my last day of official freedom before recruitment workshops, vacation, and school starts.  I am not a fan of today.  If you watch One Tree Hill (you should), you may remember the episode where Peyton explains to Jake how she doesn't like Sundays because it means that the next day you have to back to real life.  Today is my Sunday. 

I scored this playsuit/jumpsuit/onesie/pure awesomeness at Time Warp a few months ago!  I was hesitant about it at first because of the tapered leg but Mom made me try it on and, as usual, she was right.

And here is perhaps my favorite picture of me ever.  But maybe I'm biased because I'm me.

jumper- Time Warp
pocket tee- Gap
shoes- Grasshoppers/Keds (aka Mawmaw tennies)


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