August 5, 2010

Dress? Romper? Both?

I apologize for the fuzziness of these pictures, but I blame the fog! And today, unlike our San Fran tour guide from 3 years ago, I do not think that fog is nice. At least not when I need to drive to the Pi house and take decent pictures in the rain.

I did not like this picture, but it shows that the romper has pockets! I love pockets! Pah-ah-ckets are beautiful, pah-ah-ckets are fine, I like pah-ah-ckets I eat them all the time... wait what?

romper- Goodwill (shortened)
sweater- Gap
shoes- Seychelles via TJMaxx

Tomorrow for our recruitment workshop we are supposed to wear our PJs. Since I don't wear my PJs in public (should anyone?), I have a plan up my sleeve that will get some weird looks. Yay! Here's a hint: think Barbra Streisand, mixed with Nanny Fine, with a big dose of Blanche Devereaux.


PS: I am on a hunt for a turban-style 40s ish hat... any recommendations?


  1. the back of that dress romper is amazing! love it

  2. You look so good in the dress,and the dress is really cute.

  3. I think you perfects ths dress!