August 21, 2010

Desire is the hunger is the fire I breathe

Before I do my outfit post, I would like you all to meet Kaleigh, my sista!  Not my biological sister, but my sista, like sistahood.  Thursday night we had a birthday party for our other sistas Julie and Ashley and celebrated the first Thursday night of our senior year!

Kaleigh was really excited about her outfit, as was I.  I mean, it's a romper, no a dress, no, a SKORT ROMPER!  Or, as I have invented, the skomper.  Call Webster, it's going to be all the rage.


Now to me, today I went to my 2nd day of work at Charlotte's Consignments in BR.  Let me assure you, having a case full of vintage Chanel bags in front of you all day is quite a job.  Mostly of self-control.

The photos below were taken in my front yard at the green house.  I have not been inside of it in at least 2 years.  It smells like Miracle Gro and dirt (yuck) and it makes me itch.  But it makes for cool blog backgrounds!

dress- Gap
belt- Goodwill (or MawMaw, can't remember)
sandals- Antonio Melani (Dillards)
all jewelry- Goodwill


ps: I felt like Elaine today with my sleeved dress and belt.

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