August 30, 2010

Crazy Face

I will bet you a whole penny that I won the what-the-heck-is-that-chick-wearing crazy looks contest today!  Why?  Because I wore this today.  From my count, I got 17 weird looks today.  Score!

tank- American Eagle
pants- Mommy made them
shoes- Dolce Vita
earrings- World Market

I found the pattern for these pants in a McCalls book a couple of weeks ago and fell in love!  I had originally want to make silky pants seeing as they are so huge right now.  However, once I found this cornflower (that's the Crayola color) colored linen half price I knew the silky vision was out for the time being.  I would have taken on the project, but I started school and now have no time for such frivolous things like sewing (sigh).  Mom finished them just yesterday and I wanted to wear them immediately, so I did!

They were super comfortable and the only complaint is that they stretch easily, but that seems to only make them more comfortable.  Positive, negative, neutral.

Saturday my mom and I went to the fabric store and I kept picking up fabrics in cornflower blue, mint green, or blush pink.  Everything I have on my wish list is mint... I have a problem.



  1. Wow Sarah, you and your mom can sew! All I sew is a button back on. You girls never cease to amaze me. I love your blog!

  2. I love you & you look sooo pretty!1 love the look! LOL! <3 miss you a ton! see ya!

  3. Those pants look ridiculously comfortable and cute!

    xo Lynzy
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