August 14, 2010

'Cause the eyes of the ranger are upon you...

Yeah, that's right. This post's name is from the Walker, Texas Ranger theme song.

I have been in Dallas with the familia for the last few days for the Yankees/Rangers series.  If you are not a baseball fan, then you should be.  If you are not a Rangers fan, you should be. 

Seeing as we were already so close and all, my mom and I planned a day full of vintage shopping around Dallas. The above picture is from the best vintage shop in Dallas, Ahab Bowen.  It is where I found this dress a year ago.  This trip I found the dress I am holding (hidden pants that I will take in and possibly change to hot pants), a GORGEOUS purple chiffon number, a black gown with jewels around the neck, and a butter-colored lace dress.

I will be posting outfit pictures later. I would have taken pictures on vacay but it was blazing hot outside and I had sweat dripping within 5 minutes of being outside, or I was in Nike trainers and sorority tees.


ps: I posted a comment on and some trick told me that my suggestion was "too boho-chic".  I was unaware that there was such a thing.  Boy am I glad I know not to wear a maxi with a tube top for feat of being too boho-chic! lame.


brudder experimenting with the fisheye effect on my camera. HAHA!

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