August 28, 2010

Just like the queen bee, baby

dress- Marshalls
vest- Levi's
shoes- Nine West
bracelets- Goodwill

I wore this outfit yesterday to school and it was extremely comfortable!  I have had this dress for over a year now and I wear it so much that I wish I had a second one. 

Last night we had our Big Sister/Little Sister reveal and I got a second Little!  When she found out it was me she kept saying, "I KNEW IT WAS YOU!" which made me feel both good and disappointed in myself for not being more sly all week.  She did say that the CDs I made her gave it away the most... woops!  Anywho, I will be posting more often now that school is back in swing and I have a regular schedule.  However, does anyone have the whole I-want-to-look-super-cute-but-I-have-a-yoga-class-I-need-to-do-a-quick-change thing down? 


ps: Is anyone else excited about the cooler weather that has been happening the last couple of day?!

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