August 18, 2010

Black, White, and Rain

Today was the first day of school.  I am one of those obsessive what will I wear on the first day of school types and have been thinking about my attire for about a week now.  Okay, longer.  My plans were ruined, ruined, by rain!  Apparently there is a tropical depression happening right now.  So nice.

Dressing for rain, extreme humidity, and optimal cuteness is quite difficult, as you all know.  I would usually Just Say No to a white shirt in the rain but I forgot (blame it on first day jitters).

white tee- Gap
shorts- Express
all jewelry- Goodwill

I wound up taking the necklace off because it felt weird with shorts.  I only remember wearing it with jeans or a skirt so maybe it was the fact that I was wearing shorter bottoms.

Maybe the rest of the week will be easier to dress for!  I'm taking  social dance and yoga classes so I will have to dress low maintenence unless I bring leggings and a tee.  Oh, the tragic complications of life!


PS: Are you going to take on the College Fashion challenge of trying contrasting styles in 1 outfit? I am making plans for an entry!

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