August 30, 2010

Crazy Face

I will bet you a whole penny that I won the what-the-heck-is-that-chick-wearing crazy looks contest today!  Why?  Because I wore this today.  From my count, I got 17 weird looks today.  Score!

tank- American Eagle
pants- Mommy made them
shoes- Dolce Vita
earrings- World Market

I found the pattern for these pants in a McCalls book a couple of weeks ago and fell in love!  I had originally want to make silky pants seeing as they are so huge right now.  However, once I found this cornflower (that's the Crayola color) colored linen half price I knew the silky vision was out for the time being.  I would have taken on the project, but I started school and now have no time for such frivolous things like sewing (sigh).  Mom finished them just yesterday and I wanted to wear them immediately, so I did!

They were super comfortable and the only complaint is that they stretch easily, but that seems to only make them more comfortable.  Positive, negative, neutral.

Saturday my mom and I went to the fabric store and I kept picking up fabrics in cornflower blue, mint green, or blush pink.  Everything I have on my wish list is mint... I have a problem.


August 29, 2010

You forced me to become strong

First of all, I want to say that I have obviously been watching too many old episodes of Big Love because I keep wanting to wear calicos and button ups and awkwardly modest dresses. 

I bought this dress in either '06 or '07, I can't remember exactly.  I can actually remeber the day I got it, which is pretty strange.

dress- Gap (circa 2007)
belt- Trash and Treasure sale
shoes- Bandolino via TJ Maxx
bracelets- Goodwill

I love this bracelet,. I really really love this bracelet. It has been worn countless times and I cannot seem to get enough of it!  The studs are incredible and have such cool details.

I had to post that last picture to prove that the camera likes the plants better than it likes me.


August 28, 2010

Just like the queen bee, baby

dress- Marshalls
vest- Levi's
shoes- Nine West
bracelets- Goodwill

I wore this outfit yesterday to school and it was extremely comfortable!  I have had this dress for over a year now and I wear it so much that I wish I had a second one. 

Last night we had our Big Sister/Little Sister reveal and I got a second Little!  When she found out it was me she kept saying, "I KNEW IT WAS YOU!" which made me feel both good and disappointed in myself for not being more sly all week.  She did say that the CDs I made her gave it away the most... woops!  Anywho, I will be posting more often now that school is back in swing and I have a regular schedule.  However, does anyone have the whole I-want-to-look-super-cute-but-I-have-a-yoga-class-I-need-to-do-a-quick-change thing down? 


ps: Is anyone else excited about the cooler weather that has been happening the last couple of day?!

August 23, 2010

I feel the room swayin'

vest (worn as shirt)- Levi's
skirt- I made it!
studded belt- Limited Too
sandals- Gianni Bini via Dillards

Today's outfit is a result of me not wanting to wear anything in my closet.  Do you ever have those days/weeks/small periods of time?  Nothing looks inspirational or weather appropriate at the moment.  As a result of my funk, my nails are painted pink and I am wearing a pink vest.  Pink is not a color I wear often so this is a sure sign that I am uninspired.  However, I LOVE this vest and I like the dusty rose color.

My skirt came from the bottom of a giant denim dress Mom found at Goodwill.  I had been wanting a denim skirt but had not been able to find any that I liked, so I searched for fabric and was again unable to find anything.  I used a pattern from a skirt I made earlier and I think it turned out quite well!  The two things I changed were the width of the waistband and making it a back zipper rather than a side zipper. 

On that note, I have to let you know that I am prejudiced against side zippers.  They remind me of slacks and then the word slacks makes me cringe.  Am I the only one?


August 21, 2010

Desire is the hunger is the fire I breathe

Before I do my outfit post, I would like you all to meet Kaleigh, my sista!  Not my biological sister, but my sista, like sistahood.  Thursday night we had a birthday party for our other sistas Julie and Ashley and celebrated the first Thursday night of our senior year!

Kaleigh was really excited about her outfit, as was I.  I mean, it's a romper, no a dress, no, a SKORT ROMPER!  Or, as I have invented, the skomper.  Call Webster, it's going to be all the rage.


Now to me, today I went to my 2nd day of work at Charlotte's Consignments in BR.  Let me assure you, having a case full of vintage Chanel bags in front of you all day is quite a job.  Mostly of self-control.

The photos below were taken in my front yard at the green house.  I have not been inside of it in at least 2 years.  It smells like Miracle Gro and dirt (yuck) and it makes me itch.  But it makes for cool blog backgrounds!

dress- Gap
belt- Goodwill (or MawMaw, can't remember)
sandals- Antonio Melani (Dillards)
all jewelry- Goodwill


ps: I felt like Elaine today with my sleeved dress and belt.

August 18, 2010

Black, White, and Rain

Today was the first day of school.  I am one of those obsessive what will I wear on the first day of school types and have been thinking about my attire for about a week now.  Okay, longer.  My plans were ruined, ruined, by rain!  Apparently there is a tropical depression happening right now.  So nice.

Dressing for rain, extreme humidity, and optimal cuteness is quite difficult, as you all know.  I would usually Just Say No to a white shirt in the rain but I forgot (blame it on first day jitters).

white tee- Gap
shorts- Express
all jewelry- Goodwill

I wound up taking the necklace off because it felt weird with shorts.  I only remember wearing it with jeans or a skirt so maybe it was the fact that I was wearing shorter bottoms.

Maybe the rest of the week will be easier to dress for!  I'm taking  social dance and yoga classes so I will have to dress low maintenence unless I bring leggings and a tee.  Oh, the tragic complications of life!


PS: Are you going to take on the College Fashion challenge of trying contrasting styles in 1 outfit? I am making plans for an entry!

August 17, 2010

Update on the Alfred Angelo gown

I have not put any outfit posts up in a while because I have been living in Nike trainers and tees. But I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago to show the fit of the wedding gown that was a birthday gift. We have since snipped the puffed sleeves off (Anne of Green Gables would be disappointed) and nipped the bottom trim so we can figure out which length to cut it to. Then we will add the trim to the bottom and be done with it! Woo hoo!


August 14, 2010

'Cause the eyes of the ranger are upon you...

Yeah, that's right. This post's name is from the Walker, Texas Ranger theme song.

I have been in Dallas with the familia for the last few days for the Yankees/Rangers series.  If you are not a baseball fan, then you should be.  If you are not a Rangers fan, you should be. 

Seeing as we were already so close and all, my mom and I planned a day full of vintage shopping around Dallas. The above picture is from the best vintage shop in Dallas, Ahab Bowen.  It is where I found this dress a year ago.  This trip I found the dress I am holding (hidden pants that I will take in and possibly change to hot pants), a GORGEOUS purple chiffon number, a black gown with jewels around the neck, and a butter-colored lace dress.

I will be posting outfit pictures later. I would have taken pictures on vacay but it was blazing hot outside and I had sweat dripping within 5 minutes of being outside, or I was in Nike trainers and sorority tees.


ps: I posted a comment on and some trick told me that my suggestion was "too boho-chic".  I was unaware that there was such a thing.  Boy am I glad I know not to wear a maxi with a tube top for feat of being too boho-chic! lame.


brudder experimenting with the fisheye effect on my camera. HAHA!

August 6, 2010

I Just Keep Them In Stitches...

The below picture is my Barbra impression from "Funny Girl".  Let's get real here though, I'm no Barbra.  And my impression is not even good enough to be worthy of being called an impression.  But I love her so I don't care.

My mom and I found this moo moo (spelling?) at Goodwill a couple of months ago and I am in love with it! The colors in the pattern are gorgeous and the best part is the gold threaded dots throughout.  The ties come from the inside of the front band and come out to the back of the dress.

dress- Goodwil (Madimoiselle label)
earrings and stone ring- Mommed
wrap ring- Goodwill

You know what would have made this outfit more perfect? A gold turban. Yep.


PS: It was decided earlier that today's outfit was in need of a red velvet Edwardian couch, a cigarette, and a glass of champagne.

August 5, 2010

Dress? Romper? Both?

I apologize for the fuzziness of these pictures, but I blame the fog! And today, unlike our San Fran tour guide from 3 years ago, I do not think that fog is nice. At least not when I need to drive to the Pi house and take decent pictures in the rain.

I did not like this picture, but it shows that the romper has pockets! I love pockets! Pah-ah-ckets are beautiful, pah-ah-ckets are fine, I like pah-ah-ckets I eat them all the time... wait what?

romper- Goodwill (shortened)
sweater- Gap
shoes- Seychelles via TJMaxx

Tomorrow for our recruitment workshop we are supposed to wear our PJs. Since I don't wear my PJs in public (should anyone?), I have a plan up my sleeve that will get some weird looks. Yay! Here's a hint: think Barbra Streisand, mixed with Nanny Fine, with a big dose of Blanche Devereaux.


PS: I am on a hunt for a turban-style 40s ish hat... any recommendations?

August 4, 2010

Next Phase, New Wave, Dance Craze

This photoshoot took place at the park close to our house.  We were on the way home from making a run to the fabric store to pick out buttons, and I wound up finding a pattern for drawstring harem pants that I liked.  I also found a cornflower colored (that is the Crayola color I can identify it with) linen for 1/2 price to use for it!

Today is my last day of official freedom before recruitment workshops, vacation, and school starts.  I am not a fan of today.  If you watch One Tree Hill (you should), you may remember the episode where Peyton explains to Jake how she doesn't like Sundays because it means that the next day you have to back to real life.  Today is my Sunday. 

I scored this playsuit/jumpsuit/onesie/pure awesomeness at Time Warp a few months ago!  I was hesitant about it at first because of the tapered leg but Mom made me try it on and, as usual, she was right.

And here is perhaps my favorite picture of me ever.  But maybe I'm biased because I'm me.

jumper- Time Warp
pocket tee- Gap
shoes- Grasshoppers/Keds (aka Mawmaw tennies)


August 1, 2010

June Cleaver, Minus the Pearls


This is what I wore to church this morning!  I found this treasure at a vintage shop in Dallas over a year ago (can't remember the name) and fell in love with it instantly!  It has only been worn a few times because occasions usually do not call for it.  It made it's debut on the first night of recruitment last year and I am sad tha I will not be making another appearance this year :(

This was the first time that I wore this dress without a strand of pearls.  They felt a bit too June Cleaver-ish today and I just wanted to wear gold gold gold!  Despite my not wearing pearls, I still felt as if I should be holding a copper bottomed pot. 

My favorite feature of the dress is the front rouching and wrapping... so pretty and interesting!  Or maybe it is the pleating on the skirt, or maybe the tie in the back, or maybe I just love the whole thing so much that I can't seem to decide!

dress- vintage
shoes- Dillard's
necklace- Goodwill